Phygital Art & Design by
Costin-George Benescu
Costin George Benescu is a Denmark-based Phygital Artist / Designer originally from Romania. His education shows a BA in Fashion Design and his work experience is in Gaming, UX/UI, Toy Design, Comics, Animation, Marketing Art and Illustration. 
From August 2016 until March 2021 he’s been working as a Concept Designer at LEGO in Billund (Denmark) helping with production of LEGO Friends concept designs for product, animation Tv Show, the LEGO Friends magazine graphics and comics, Legoland guidelines, licensing products and more.
He also loves getting involved in the cultural innovation space with Spinderihallerne in Vejle, Denmark. He co-curated several art exhibitions and organized various workshops. He also participated in various impact jams, workshops, art and design fairs.
Since July 2021 he founded his own Design and Art business, "Alien Ape Star ApS", and started working with various clients and collaborators on UI/UX, Branding, Animation, NFT , Web3 and Fine Art projects. His sustainable focus, sensibilities and playful nature define his broad style and passions. Some of his interests and artistic playgrounds are Sci-Fi, kit-bashing, visual storytelling, virtual reality sculpting, animation and drawing.