Desktop landing page for kwil Social
In 2021, while researching web3, I have seen this video about a blockchain based social media app called Ecclesia Speech presented by Brennan Lamey, it's founder. 
I have decided to reach out and see if they needed help on the Design side, especially UX and UI and they were happy to work with me. This app called Ecclesia Speech later became Kwil Social and then Kwil switch focus to a database service, so it became Kwil DB. That is why in the work I you will see posted below both Ecclesia and Kwil will be featured. So company kept the the social app as a proof of concept of what can be built on top of Kwil DB and re-named it back to Ecclesia. You can find a more recent video from 2023 below with Brennan Lamey explaining the current status of the project.
Some of the first sketches for Ecclesia Speech detailing UX flows and UI screens
The first draft of the UX flow for Ecclesia, with just the basic functions of sign up, login and posting either a "Thought" or a "ThinkPiece".
Kwil Final Landing page UI Design and logo animation
Kwil Social - Light UI Design and UX flow for Sign In / Sign Up
Kwil Social - Dark UI Design and UX flow for Sign In / Sign Up
Kwil - Final UI Design - Home tab sections selections
Kwil - Final UI Design for User Feed Page leading into Posting UI
Kwil Social - Final design for Sign in UI Design - mobile mock-ups and breakdown for implementation - designed in Figma
Kwil - Final UI / Icon Design for Posting
Kwil - Final UI / Icon Design
Kwil - Final UI Design for the Side Menu featuring a bit of Glassmorphism
Kwil - Final UI Design for the Chat Menu featuring a bit of Glassmorphism
Ecclesia - first draft of UI Design for landing page and Sign In flow up to Home Page and Publish Post page
Ecclesia - First design gDirect Messages UI and UX flow
Ecclesia - First Design for Posts comments UI / UX and a rating system for posts based on "pills" to help users tag, flag or sort content preferences. The pill rating system was unused. Not implemented or tested. 
Ecclesia - Group Events UX Flow and UI Design - Card View, Invite flow and Expanded View. 
Ecclesia - Group Events UI and UX Flow
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