In 2007 I responded to a call for submissions from the first urban-style and contemporary art magazine in Romania "Omagiu"
Issue 8 is their "Nano" issue, dealing with all things tiny: technology, science, feelings, objects, and comics!

My project was called Nano Green Cube and it was a fun and playful way for me to re-imagine Interaction Design and UX Design for the future even before I was aware these design disciplines even existed. The core concept tackles the challenge of waste when it comes to household electronics and eliminating planned obsolescence by having a biological hybrid solution where you mix nanites, smart materials with biologicals to "grow" your products, similar to additive manufacturing but with less waste and no plastics involved.

If you would like to learn more about the Omagiu magazine, this is how they describe themselves:
"'Omagiu' aims to be a platform dedicated to the creative industries, gathering together the most influential contemporary artists, architects, designers and musicians from the new generations. The magazine is a fusion of several types of publications, promising to be a trustworthy guide in the aesthetic jungle of the nowadays consumerist society, but also a collectable item, which will debate and analyse the vast contents of the urban culture in Romania and abroad. ‘Omagiu’ offers links to sites on the www which illustrate the changes produced in the conceptualising of the contemporary artistic act. ‘Omagiu’ will always be one step ahead of the trends, by observing and promoting innovative cultural areas."

There is an effort to digitize all the published issues of this magazine, when the issues will be available online I will publish the link here.

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