Concept Art and Concept Design work for the Romanian comic book TFB launched in May 2015. Published by HACBD, this is the first Sci-Fi comic book in their varied portfolio. If you rather access their comics on a mobile device find the app called "Supererou".

The concept of this comic book is based on a Romanian Fairy Tale that presents elements of time travel and time dilation so it seemed to be quite a good fit for a post-apocalyptic story. I truly enjoined working with Mihai Ionascu, the company's Editor and Creative Lead to come up with creative concept art and designs. My contribution was brief, during pre-production of the first issue but I can say this was one of the most interesting comics projects I have worked in! 
This is the cover of the the first issue where you can see the main character and his "metal horse". This is not my work but just wanted to showcase how my concepts where used later in production.
And here is a sample page, the pencils are done by Bogdan Chelaru and colours by Daniel Rosa Duran.
On page 28th of this spread you can see an ink layout with the style of the final artist for this project, the talented Bogdan Chelaru. On page 29 I was happily surprised to see a few concept art sketches showing the first tries on finding the style and the right artist for the project. The full page in graphite pencil with the mutant baby and full colour character design of the main hero were done by Flavius Patrascu. In the lower side you can recognise my line art and portrait colour sketches.
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